A solid business plan has growth projections that extend as far as ten years. As Convergent understands this, we are here to help your technology grow with you. The ability to retrieve and send information, both externally and internally, has increased dramatically as organizations and institutions have incorporated multiple devices that provide voice, data, and video information wirelessly.

The need to provide a flexible wireless platform is essential for every project. Our designers work closely with the current IT infrastructure to provide thorough planning with overlapping zones for seamless and uninterrupted coverage.

Opening up a second office down the street, in a different city, or in another whole state? Convergent, with our Wide Area Network implementation, can ensure that your data goes wherever you go with minimal latency. Your employees can now be connected wherever they are. We are savvy to the distance, cost, and the potential to lower power consumption when designing your enterprise-level network.

Many WAN technologies exist today, and new technologies are constantly emerging. In general, the most appropriate WAN selection results in high efficiency and leads to the utmost in user satisfaction. Our network designers are aware of all of the possible WAN design choices when considering enterprise requirements.