Convergent understands that the heart of your networking technology is the Operations Center. The business landscape, like technology, changes often and suddenly. To remain competitive, there is a greater need than ever for streamlined operations to efficiently deliver products and services. How do you optimize network infrastructures to support business objectives while holding down IT costs?

Through thoughtful planning and designing around power efficiency, we empower you to achieve the best results. Getting these costs down depends largely on the right hardware selection and designing spaces that provide adequate cooling capacity for Data Centers and Network Operations Centers. We do this effectively every day and can explain to you how it is done.

We can help design and integrate the right solutions that optimize your computing environments whether you are building, updating, or migrating your current infrastructure. Convergent’s highly skilled team of designers and technical specialists will analyze your current and future enterprise needs to design¬†and integrate schemas for the following: electrical, HVAC, power backup and distribution, rack, and cabinet design for minimal resource waste. Think advanced technical prowess with exceptional customer service. We have it all.

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