The network cables that interconnect all of the office equipment, (including computers, printers and phones, to each other and the internet), make up the communication backbone of your company’s business network. The physical connections of your network can be the biggest potential cause of downtime. The components of the physical layer should never be neglected (i.e. Cable, NIC Cards, Patch Cords, etc.).

Convergent thoroughly studies your unique business needs and ensures that all equipment is properly installed, that you are investing in equipment that can handle current usage, as well as prepare for future growth. We take a proactive approach to intelligent managing and testing to help prevent problems that could cause network interruptions, or catastrophes.

Network uses must be properly defined so that the best network decisions can be made. Tasks such as surfing the Internet, data entry, streaming video, and graphic design, all demand a different level of performance from the computer cabling. When the business anticipates future growth, the network must be adaptable to the business needs. We have you covered.

Having completed more than a decade of successful cabling projects for a wide range of satisfied customers, we have become uniquely positioned as the leader in data cabling installations.

Convergent is a corporate member of BICSI, a professional association supporting the advancement of the information and communications technology. The association strongly recommends that you always have at least one Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) on your information and communications technology project, throughout the entire life of your project. Having a qualified professional RCDD on your project will protect your investment.

Raised Flooring

Today, more and more businesses are realizing the advantages of access flooring. Not only does it allow for more workspace flexibility and mobility, this type of flooring can save you money in the long run. Access flooring is aesthetically pleasing, can be designed for high capacity, allow easy access, provides interstitial space for heating, air conditioning, power, and communications, and is among the least costly of all distribution systems for making moves, adds, and/or changes.


Backbone Cabling Systems

The Backbone Cable Subsystem in a building is the part of the premises distribution system that provides connection between equipment rooms, telecommunication rooms, and telecommunications service entrance facilities. A backbone subsystem provides either intra-building connections between floors in multi-story buildings, or inter-building connections in campus-like environments.