Building owners and management organizations need to satisfy current user demand and create a viable plan to meet future demand. At the same time, they need to satisfy criteria for cost efficiency and environmental sustainability. More and more, intelligent buildings are seen as the answer to all these demands. Intelligent buildings have the inherent ability to merge operational processes, providing much better user experiences with less cost and environmental impact.

Convergent has years of experience and proven success in implementing innovative and advanced building automation solutions that maximize energy efficiency, while providing critical building monitoring and control. Building automation systems monitor, integrate and control HVAC, lighting, voice and data, water conservation and many other systems.

Building automation has helped drive the green building movement by fine-tuning facility operations. In the reduction of energy usage of a building, a building automation system also minimizes the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. We all want a cleaner planet while driving business profits.

The bottom-line is a powerful cohesion of greater efficiency and even greater cost-savings to run your enterprise operations. Convergent will help you design, plan, install, and maintain your system to ensure that it consistently functions at absolute peak performance and security.

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